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family hotel
Poseidon at Lefkadi

new HOTEL ID for the family hotel Poseidon located at Lefkandi Euboea

Poseidon website

New hotel website - Hotel ID - with

Hotel ID

Hotel ID

Hotel ID

Visitor experience, even in mobile

Help your visitor drive to the hotel, or maybe give you a call. Present effectively your hospitality and the beauty of your place. Give the experience of your local cuisine inherited through generations. Even in mobile devices, have your hotel website advertise through a personal experience view, converting the visitor into your happy customer.


security for business expandability

Security in modern website business affects numerous technological aspects. Your new Hotel ID has these covered and gives you the springboard to commence your business properly. Build safely upon your new Hotel ID, with popular add-on features, like booking and customer service. Expand your business with your new website.


multilingual with people and marketing

It's wonderful to welcome your visitors into their native language. Your new hotel website is multilingual, communicating your Hotel ID to people, while translated at least into English. More over, the language of modern web marketing is directly talking with your new Hotel ID. Reach new audiences and start presenting your business successfully.


modern engine for your new website





modern engine


ease of experience


business ready

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professional help

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   Only 24 hours and your new Hotel ID website, is already deployed, ready to be produced following your personalized content. Upon the receive of your content, 72 hours is all it is needed for your new Hotel ID to be published online, fully functional. Get your new Hotel ID website, fast online.

Provide to your visitors the experience and the quality of your hospitality. Start with the description of your hotel business, and visualize with the details from your rooms and guest areas. The presentation of the service you give is the essence for the user experience that will accompany your visitor to next decision. Propose in a friendly way, the things to do around your hotel, appraising the beauty and the numerous activities that your area offers. Now days, it is important to build upon the need for the social sustainability of the tourism sector, thus emphasizing on the promising aspects of local community, is the way to go. Create valuable context, both written and visualized, to guide your visitors in a remarkable ease of experience.  Of course you need your logotype. The word of mouth and the ratings from people or OTAs are a most valuable feature to advertise your hotel business with.

When you supply us with your old website, we make an exact copy of it, and an extract of it is included in your new hotel business website, through a link that says previous website. 

When you hit the button “Get your new website” and you select your new Hotel ID presence, the process starts. We create your new hotel business website and everything else that is also required, for you to have a modern business tool. By the time that you supply the content and the visuals, we will be ready to finalize the new Hotel ID for your business. Test and verification of the produced website in co-ordinance  with you, will allow your new modern Hotel ID website to go public. 

   Creating your new Hotel ID website, just like the one you saw, costs only 60 euros. (click here to start now and create your modern new Hotel ID website, easy and effectively)

All the sections and the functionalities as displayed in the Hotel ID website you just saw, are included in the price. Moreover, what you get for the price, is giving you a most competitive package for you to upgrade your Hotel website. You get your new website ( including the source code for it),  you also get the hosting space to serve your website from, topped with full administration access. Additionally full access is also given to any third party services requiring configuration, such as Google Analytics. In case you were already been operating a website, the extract of your old website and serve through your new website, is also included in the price. Last but not least, we keep your site up-to-date with the latest security and performance published patches. All these are the price you pay for your new website! Most important though, is the professional assistance you get personalized to your real business needs.

What happens with your new Hotel ID, when you have paid for your new website, and the price anniversary, six months period has been concluded after first day of public operation? -We are at your disposal to evaluate for you the performance life cycle of your new website. We will provide you with reasonable data and answers to your questions, so that you are able to verify what is the next best step for your Hotel ID business website. For the continuance of the operation at the current level, the cost for another six months period, equal with the initial cost, has to be paid.

Your new Hotel ID is a modern business website, having you covered in all technological needs, yet most importantly able to have you covered into your next bigger business steps. Whether you present a more demanding project for your business, or you want to start maximizing the potential of your new business tool, your new Hotel ID can be upgraded any time. We are always available to listen to your business requirements and have all functionalities that is needed, expanded with or adapted to your new Hotel ID. Many popular upgrades, like booking engine and CRM, or SMM, are immediately available to work for your new Hotel ID business website.

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